Terms and Conditions

Cancellation and Returns

We do not provide refunds for products or services. Orders cannot be cancelled once terms of invoice are accepted. 


Shipping, Handling and Delivery

Shipping, handling and delivery is not the responsibility of HPR. Upon request, HPR can and will refer or facilitate an introduction to a licensed and bonded freight partner, with substantial international and domestic freight experience. The purpose of this introduction is solely to assist customers with selecting the best shipping plan to meet timelines and budgets. We highly encourage working with a freight partner whom can securely ship product from the manufacturing facility or distribution center, to the final destination(s). Freight prices are subject to change without notice and delays may occur due to circumstances out of HPR’s or the freight partner’s control. The current state of supply chain dictates these changes. If a delay will impact your shipment’s arrival date, your freight partners should provide every effort to produce a new timeline which will outline next available delivery or re-route, if needed. It is the customer and the freight partner’s responsibility to communicate delivery logistics such as inventory count, SKU details (such as sizing, color, product certs), timetables for shipments and delivery locations. We encourage our customers to do their own due diligence on product manufactures and freight partners, before making a selection.


Pricing Policy

Quoted pricing expires after 24 hours. Prices are subject to change without notice, until the quote is accepted and an invoice is generated. HPR’s team makes every effort to anticipate pricing fluctuations to ensure we pass along the most competitive market pricing or savings. Please be aware that due to the current state of supply chain, a multitude of variables effect pricing at this time.


Sample Policy

Samples are available upon request and will be provided at manufacturer quoted pricing. The availability of samples varies depending on stock fluctuations. If a sample is not available to ship immediately,  a notification will be sent once the sample has been restocked in our US distribution center and is ready to be shipped to the requested destination.



HPR is a facilitator of B2B & B2C wholesale transactions. HPR follows Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines for transactions. HPR is not liable for product or freight issues. HPR provides our customers with information directly from our manufacturers on product(s), services resold and manufacturer timetables. HPR is a customer sourcing agent for international transactions and does not serve as a Principal on behalf of the client. By request, HPR can and will facilitate direct contact with any of our manufacturers, to ensure transparency and provide further quality assurance for customers. HPR files manufacture certifications on products resold. Upon request, certifications and documents will be provided to the customer. Asset inspection and testing is offered. Inspection and testing is highly recommended for international orders and at times may be a condition of the sale to ensure order discrepancies or quality issues can be addressed onsite.